Vision of ARCN

To reduce poverty and increase food security by contributing to the establishment of sustainable agricultural growth and development in Nigeria

Mission of ARCN

To achieve significant improvements in agricultural productivity, marketing and competitiveness by generating appropriate technologies and policy options, promoting innovation, establishing a knowledgeable Management capacity and strengthening the agricultural research system.

Mandate and Functions of ARCN.

Mandate of ARCN 

The mandate of ARCN is to coordinate, supervise and regulate agricultural research,training and extension in the National Agricultural Research Institutes (NARIs) and Federal Colleges of Agriculture (FCAs).

Functions of ARCN

  1. Advise the Federal Government on national policies and priorities in agricultural research, training and extension activities;
  2. Prepare periodic master plans for at research , training and extension and advise the Federal Government on the financial requirements for the implementation of such plans;
  3. Ensure the implementation of the approved master plans by the appropriate research institutes, universities and other bodies;
  4. Supervise and coordinate the research, training and extension activities of research institutes established under section 14 of the ARCN decree;
  5. Prepare annual budget for the agricultural research , training and extension programmed of the institute under it aegis and receive grants for allocation to the institutes for the implementation of the annual programmes and to universities and other bodies for special research or training projects;
  6. Maintain an up-to-date record of all existing facilities for research, training and extension in the agricultural sciences in Nigeria and advise the Federal Government on their adequacy and efficient utilization;
  7. Advise the Federal government on the Re-organization of existing institutes, including the creation of new ones , as are required to implement or further the efficiency of research , training and extension in the agricultural sciences;
  8. Promote collaboration between scientists and engaged in research in the agricultural sciences in Nigeria and their counterparts in other countries or international bodies;
  9. Establish and maintain a National Agricultural sciences library and documentation center and publish or sponsor the publication of the research results in the agricultural sciences;
  10. Carry out such activities as may, in the opinion of the council, further the advancement of research, training and extension in the agricultural sciences.