Institute of Agricultural research and Training, Moor Plantation, Ibadan. Nigeria

Vision: To be an Agricultural Innovation and Development Centre (AIDC) driven by research, technology transfer, innovations, knowledge and approaches that will contribute to an improved quality of life for all Nigerians.

Mission: To contribute to sustainable rural development through demand-driven and appropriate technologies

Brief History: The Institute is a University –based national multi-commodity research institute. It came into being in 1969 following a charter signed by the Vice Chancellor, University of Ife (now, Obafemi Awolowo University) Prof Hezekiah Oluwasanmi (late), and the Governor of the former Western region of Nigeria, Brigadier Adeyinka Adebayo (late) merging the  the research division of the Western region of Nigeria ministry of Agriculture, established in 1920, School of Agriculture, Ibadan established in 1921, School of Agriculture, Akure, established in 1957 and School of Animal Health and Production Technology established in 1964.  The Institute serves the need of the Nigerian farmers and all relevant stakeholders in general and in particular South Western Nigeria through integrated agricultural resources development and training strategy. The Institute is located in Ibadan with seven sub-stations located in Ikenne (Ogun state), Ile-Ife (Osun state), Ballah (Kwara State), kabba (Kogi state),   Ilora and Kishi (Oyo State).

Institute mandates:


  • Research into efficient use and management of soil resources for increased and sustainable agricultural productivity
  • Research into genetic improvement of kenaf and jute 


  • South West farming system research and Extension in various agroecology
  • Research into maize, grain legumes, and trypanotolerant livestock for South west Nigerian ecology
  • Development of improved integrated crop and livestock production systems
  • Development of value added products for all agricultural commodities

Major Achievements:

  • Development of digital soil, nutrient and suitability maps for 16 LGAs spread across the various geopolitical zones of Nigeria.
  • Development and Release of three varieties of Kenaf for cultivation in various agro-ecologies of Nigeria.
  • Development and Release of six cowpea varieties (Ife Brown, Ife BPC, Ife -98-12, ARTPEA/BBT/22/W, ARTPEA/BBT/72/B and Modupe that are day neutral, early maturing and adaptable to humid forest agro-ecologies of Nigeria.
  • Production of chicken hybrid of 75% exotic blood, selected from Fulani ecotype chicken and broiler hybrid developed through artificial insemination technology.
  • Development of Niger-hybrid pigs, a cross of exotic and local pigs with desirable qualities of better carcass and resistance to diseases.
  • Formulation of low-cost feed package for production and fattening of ruminants (cattle, sheep and goats).
  • Development and production of poultry feed formulation for improved chicken performance
  • Development and Production of Ectocure care cream that prevents ecto-parasite (lice, ticks, mange and mite) in livestock animals.
  • Domestication and multiplication of grass- cutter for resuscitation of micro-livestock research and empowerment initiatives.
  • Development of technology to replace imported sisal fibre in POP ceiling with Kenaf fibre
  • Design and fabrication of Prototype kenaf fibre spinning and reeling machines.
  • Production of cholesterol-free kenaf seed oil as an alternative for industrial application
  • Development of Nixtamalized Quality Protein Maize Flour
  • Development of cholesterol-free Soy mayonnaise and soy burger as alternative to egg based mayonnaise and burger
  • Establishment of entrepreneurship development centre towards providing customized training with the aim of making agriculture a business.



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